shot in November 2006
in Co-Production with VHS Datteln
Shortfilm, ca. 15 Minutes, Mini-DV/ Color

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> Festivals
Kinofest Lünen´07, Tatort Eifel´07, Filmfest Weiterstadt´07, XXS´07- Dortmunder Kurzfilmfestival, KFF Landshut´08

Sandra goes for a walk in the park with her dog. There she meets a man who seems very attractive to her. She tries to start a conversation with him-with success. But after a friendly smalltalk the unknown says a sentence which has unpredictable and fatal consequences for Sandra...

> Cast
Svenja Beneke, Reinhild Köhncke, Götz Neumann und Herbert A. Voss
> Crew
Nik Sentenza | Screenplay, Director, Production
Lilo Behnke | First A.D., Assistence of Production
Piotr Gregorowicz | Cinematographer, Editor, Postproduction
Johannes Kizler | Lighting Technician, Stills
Hannes Ruser | Focus Puller, Lighting Technician
Andreas Cormann | Sound
Sandra Tolic | Makeup Artist
Rainer Berkenhoff | Requisite
Götz Neumann | Producer
Erwin Bawulski | Executive Producer