shot in August 2005
in Co-Production with VHS Datteln
Shortfilm, ca. 29 Minutes, Mini-DV/ sw

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Greta Maria Berger is a famous actress. Since ten years she plays the name part in "Antigone" on stages all over the world. Now she returns to her home town, a village in Germany, to honour her brother Georg who had a deadly household – accident. In the microcosm of her small town, Greta discovers intrigues, makes out a conspiracy and suddenly she is in the same situation as her Alter ego Antigone: The rebellion against authority to get justice for her dead brother! In her head the borders between delusion and reality become blurred.

> Cast
Christine Stienemeier, Götz Neumann, Werner H. Schuster, Simone Pfennig, Jos Meuwissen
> Crew
Nik Sentenza | Screenplay, Director, Production
Thomas Brekle | First A.D.
Christoph N. Mettingen | Location Manager
Sven Opitz | Cinematographer
Jan Bierwirth | Focus Puller
Johannes Kizler | Lighting Technician, Stills
Kristina Klümpel | Makeup Artist
Rainer Berkenhoff | Requisite
Marco Aguilar Menzel | Sound
Sophie Oppenheimer | Editor
Tom Dokupil | Music
Erwin Bawulski | Executive Producer