shot in Juli 2008 in Co-Production with
FH-Dortmund and VHS Datteln
Shortfilm, ca. 13 Minutes, 16mm/ Color

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> Festivals
Screamfest L.A.´09/ USA, Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival´09, Fantastisk Film Festival Lund´09/ Schweden, Finalist Shocking Shorts Award´09, Shortfilmcorner Cannes´09, St. Petersburg´s 17th International Film Festival´09 "Festival of Festivals", MIT European Shorts´09/ Boston, Tatort Eifel´09, Abertoir Horror Festival´09/ Wales, Horrorfestiwal.pl´09/ Polen, Konstanzer kurz.film.spiele´09, Cinefantasy International Film Festival/ São Paulo, Brazil´09, Science+Fiction Filmfestival/ Trieste, Italy, Regensburger Kurzfilmwoche´10, Landshuter Kurzfilmfestival´10, Festival "Mauvais Genre"´10/ Tours, France, Weekend of fear´10/ Erlangen, Dallas International Film Festival´10/ USA, X_Science Film Festival´10/ Genova, Italy, PiFan International Fantastic Film Festival´10/ Puchon, South Korea, HollyShorts Film Festival´10/ Hollywood, USA, Action/Cut Short Film Competition L.A.´10/ USA Capalbio Cinema Int. Short Film Festival´11/ Rome, Italy

> Prizes
Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival´09/ Sabam Special Jury Award, Tatort Eifel´09/ 3rd Prize at Shortfilm Competition, Horrorfestiwal.pl´09 in Poland/ 1st Prize of the Jury, Festival Mauvais Genre´10, Tours/ Prize of Jury, Prize of young Jury, Audience Award, Action/Cut Short Film Competition L.A.´10/ "Best Foreign Student Award"

The famous actor, Thomas van Boys, checks into a hotel...
He orders a call girl, opens his mail, showers, and shaves...
Then he turns on the TV. The screen shows his room.
There must be a camera somewhere in the room...
The "Eye" begins an evil cat and mouse game. It presents van Boys with a mirror, which lets him look into the uttermost depths of his soul...

> Cast
Christian Wewerka, Anke Steinkemper, Linda Chang
> Crew
Nik Sentenza | Screenplay, Director, Production
Lilo Behnke | First A.D., Production, Editor
Piotr Gregorowicz | Cinematographer
Jakob Creutzburg | Focus Puller
Marco Riedl | Gaffer
Marc Steinicke | Lighting Technician
Johannes Kizler | Lighting Technician
Marius Möller | Grip
Silke Oesterle | Stills
André Gutzler | Makeup Artist
Hannes Ruser | Sound
Chang-Yun Yoo | Music
Alexander Koenig | Sounddesign
Andreas Cormann | Sounddesign
Jan Krolikowski | Location Manager, Catering
Ines Rothmeier | Setrunner
Nico Pohl | Driver
Erwin Bawulski | Executive Producer
Götz Neumann | Producer